IT Management Maturity Assessment

For customers looking for more efficient IT Management, this service will address all IT Management Value Streams to understand the maturity level across different IT Operating Model stages and accordingly recommend a roadmap for achieving the target benefits.

The foundation of IT Management Maturity Assessment is the model-driven IT Management approach that accommodates multiple process frameworks and focuses on the adoption of IT Management practice rather than reviewing implemented processes. IT4IT Reference Architecture is the main guideline for the overall assessment where the four IT Management Value Streams are considered up to Level-3 of IT4IT abstractions that extends to a vendor-independent Architecture guideline.

Source: The Open Group

Elements of the assessment are:

  • Process
  • Human Resources
  • Information
  • Tools
  • Control

Studying these elements will reveal opportunities for improvement in IT Management practice and accordingly recommendations will be more realistic and targeting recognizable value.

In addition, IT Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will be defined with recommended measurements techniques. This will help showing the overall progress of IT Management Maturity and reflect the impact in business outcomes.

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